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How the NoseTubes work

How do the NoseTubes work?    

On the one hand, the Nose Tubes support the nasal septum and on the other they push the nostril outwards. This widens the nasal passage and facilitates nasal breathing. You can choose to use the NoseTubes in one or both nostrils.

The NoseTubes are unique because of their simple design; they do not have uncomfortable protruding parts and fit completely inside the nasal passage.


As the flexible NoseTubes shape themselves to the nasal passage and do not cause irritation, they are comfortable to wear. The NoseTubes are made of material that is suitable for medical applications.

The NoseTubes are characterised by their cylindrical finish and smooth inside. The outside has 3 ring-shaped segments that ensure the NoseTubes do not slip out of the nose. The NoseTubes can be inserted and removed simply with your thumb and index finger.


More information about using the NoseTubes is included in the instructions. An inserting device is available optionally. The inserting device is a convenient aid for using the NoseTubes. The inserting device fits all sizes of the NoseTubes.
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