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About the NoseTubes

How are the NoseTubes designed?

NoseTubes are invented by Mrs. H. Smit. Sometime after her participation in the Dutch television program "The best idea of the Netherlands" MDS B.V. and Mrs.H.Smit came in contact to further develop the concept of the NoseTubes.

This development has taken place in close collaboration with:

• Mrs. H.Smith, inventor NoseTubes.
• Drs. T. Van Der Laan, ENT surgeon & specialist at the Deventer Hospital.
• MDS B.V., developer and manufacturer NoseTubes.
• Volunteers and Patients.



What is the purpose of NoseTubes?

NoseTubes are designed to improve nasal breathing during the night to ensure better sleep, and they are particularly suitable when an operation to widen the nose is not desirable or not possible.   
The main complaints of poor nasal breathing at night are:
a dry mouth because of sleeping with an open mouth and snoring.

The result is frequent waking during the night, which produces a bad night's sleep. A poor night's sleep and snoring may also have a negative effect on your functioning during the day.




Benefits of the NoseTubes:

  The round shape, the  rounded surface and the fact that the NoseTubes do not protrude from the nose means they stay in better than existing products.

  Even distribution of pressure. As the flexible NoseTubes adjust to the shape of the nose, there is less risk of damage to mucous and skin inside the nose.

  The NoseTubes are available in three sizes.

  If necessary, use a different size for each nostril.

  Easy to insert in the nose.

  Discrete and soft for high comfort.

  Safe to use.

  A cleaning set for clean and hygienic use is available.


Snoring and NoseTubes

An additional benefit of the NoseTubes is that improved nasal breathing reduces snoring.

This can be tested easily by trying out the NoseTubes for a month.



Sports and NoseTubes

The NoseTubes are also an ideal solution for sports. By widening the nasal passage, nasal breathing is easier whilst playing sports. This enables a higher oxygen intake which improves performance.

Are NoseTubes safe?

Research amongst a small group of people has demonstrated that after wearing NoseTubes at night, the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist did not observe irritation or damage to the mucous or skin.

There are no reports of problems with existing products in scientific literature.

The FDA, the American Food and Drug Administration, also indicates that this type of product does not produce any danger to your health.


Using the NoseTubes

European regulations (CE) classify NoseTubes as a medical device class I, which means that the product was registered with the Health Inspectorate (IGZ).        

According to these regulations, the product may be used for a maximum of 28 days.

After 28 days, the used NoseTubes must be thrown away and you must use new NoseTubes. There are three types of packaging available for the NoseTubes -  monthly, quarterly and six-monthly packaging. They can be ordered quickly and easily from our webshop.

Using a NoseTube set for more than 28 days is fully at the user's own risk.

We recommend you do not leave the NoseTubes in your nose for more than 12 hours a day. We also recommend strongly that you do NOT use lubricants to insert NoseTubes, such as coconut oil, olive oil, vaseline, cream or gel. These products may have an adverse effect on the material of the NoseTubes. There is also a chance that the NoseTubes will slip quicker from the nasal passage. 



Smoking while using NoseTubes

If you smoke the NoseTubes may become affected by nicotine and tar deposits.

Minimum age for using NoseTubes

We recommend using NoseTubes from the age of 16.
The NoseTubes are designed for people who no longer grow.

The Nose Tubes are delivered non sterile.


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