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NoseTubes 6 Monthly Package - Size: M

(Item no.: NT006-M)

NoseTubes Half Year Package - Size: M

The NoseTubes 6 monthly package consists of 6 individual boxes
with two NoseTubes. This gives you a separate box for each month, with
two NoseTubes which can be used up to 28 nights.

With the NoseTubes half year package, you do not have to worry about
monthly orders. With one order you have sufficient for half a year
use of the NoseTubes.

Optional with your order is the NoseTubes inserter.
For only € 3.95 you can order the NoseTubes inserter, the inserter makes the use of the NoseTubes even easier.

We also recommend to order the "Cleaning Set". With this set you can clean the NoseTubes perfectly after use.

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€ 99,95
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Special Offer: NoseTubes Starterkit €37,95


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